Chain 02

Flying Horses
Medium: Photograph

As a kid, my grandparents had a house on Martha’s Vineyard in Edgartown. On rainy summer days they’d take us to Oak Bluffs to ride the Flying Horses which have cheerful, zesty, honky tonk energy about them. There’s the scent of popcorn and butter and the sound of rings clicking and organ music playing. While The Flying horses bring up a rainy day memory for me, this image is so sunny, colorful, energized and cheerful– the horses with all their reds and yellows swirling together. I wanted to communicate that the entire purpose of these horses is to go around and around in circles again and again. The motion, the thrill the noise and the colors is both exhilarating and at the same time exhausting. Nothing is still. Nothing is in focus. The image has a life of it’s own, it’s own motion. It isn’t looking for perfection.


Alison Shaw

Alison Shaw has been a photographer all of her life. After graduating from Smith College in 1975, Alison worked with the Vineyard Gazette as Design Director until 2000. Since then, she has put all of her energy into Alison Shaw Photography, which is now a multi-layered enterprise. Her work has evolved from documentary to abstract, always using her camera to literally paint with light.

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King of Hearts
By Beatzy
King of Hearts
Medium: Song

When I got the Photo I felt Inspired and excited about using a different angle for creation. I am surrounded by wild horses on the Island where I live. They are such noble creatures full of strength and passion. The photograph evoked a dreamlike power and fantasy accompanied by drive, ambition and childlike fun. The first things that came to mind were the sound of horse’s hoofs, snorting nostrils large beating hearts and the gamble we make with lovers. I set about setting rhythm to the horse’s heartbeat. The repetitive lick ‘chase motif’ came next, then came ‘The king of hearts’ lyric inspired by the size of Xanthus’s (the largest stallion the my island) heart and how his mares vie for his unpredictable attention. The rest was almost completely unconscious. This song is about every girl I’ve ever chased and who’s ever chased me as well as tipping my hat to those extremely strong and independent women that have helped shaped my manhood.


Beatzy aka Benjamin Thomas is a writer producer, programmer and multi-instrumentalist. He has had the honour of working with legends such as David Bowie, Carly Simon, Mica Paris, James Taylor and Alannah Myles. Over the last ten years Beatzy has been in the studio and on stage with number one selling artists Newton Faulkner, Carly Simon and John Forte. Along with Cajun Dance Party, Ben Taylor, Sonna Rele, Kerry Leatham, Nervo, Lolene, Spektrum, Martina Topley Bird, Peter Conway, David Saw, Ben Semmens, Million Dan, Ollie Childs and Tuan Mac. He is classically trained in piano, drums and percussion and self taught on bass and guitar. He works seamlessly across the board with singer songwriters, bands, electronic outfits orchestras and sound recordists. Benjamin was also the founder of bespoke technology companies Audiozoo and the Flex which were acquired by Milestone PLC Group in 2008. Alongside commercial / underground music and technology interests he has worked alongside youth education groups Artstart, Facefront and Chameleon Arts. He continues to develop ecomusicology projects for education, conservation and sound healing. In between touring he works and resides on Cumberland Island GA, Marthas Vineyard MA & San Miguel De Allende MX.

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King of Hearts
Medium: Photograph

The music seems upbeat and happy but has these dark and depressing undertones. The reference to gambling brought me thoughts of depravity, shallowness, lights, false power and Vegas, which has this larger than life vibe; a sense of false possibilities and sugar coated hopeful promises where under the surface it’s pretty horrible and rotten. Iimagined the life of a character I called Lola who’s from a rag tag town in Nebraska or Kentucky. Her lifelong dream is to be a star and she’s come to Vegas to fulfill her destiny. She’s met and placed her faith in a charismatic, powerful but destructive man. In my image I wanted to capture this woman backstage, about to go on, and feeling alone and scared. I imagine she’s giving herself a pep talk. I wanted to create a scene of anticipation and a voyeuristic heartbreak around watching something beautiful and vulnerable on the brink of destruction. The location I chose to photograph in was an abandoned club around the corner from my studio in NJ. I chose to have my character coming out of drastic shadows which to me represent the reality that things aren’t all shiny and pretty as they may seem on the surface.

Claire Rosen

Claire Rosen is an award winning artist whose transportive imagery uses universal themes of dreams, fairy tales and mythology to visually symbolize the many facets of the human condition. Her elaborate constructions are reminiscent of classical paintings exploring concepts of nostalgia, memory, femininity and depictions of the self.

In 2012 & 2013, Claire was included in Forbes 30 Brightest under 30 for Art & Design. Her work has also received awards from Communication Arts Annual, IPA, Graphis, PDN Annual, PX3, Sony World Awards, Artists Wanted, The Art Project: W Magazine.

Claire’s work has been featured in Communication Arts Insights and Fresh, Creative Quarterly, Direct Art, Faded + Blurred, Feature Shoot, FotoTv, Hi Fructose, Neo Collective, PDN’s Emerging Photographer, Photocine News, Refinery29, Rumpus and World Photo.

Consenses Piece: “King of Hearts” Medium: Photograph Model: Kelsey Tangel Wardrobe: Lleah Rae Hair: Chris Rivera for Bangz Salon & Spa Makeup: Quinntin

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Medium: Dance

Listening the song I imagined a place in the American countryside. I imagined a woman and a man, a house and a tree. The couple is content living a very monotonous, repetitive, predictable existence. I imagined the man, very macho but with a humble side sitting on a red couch in a white T-shirt. The woman I imagined to be noble and very strong. My challenge was to try to represent the relationship using only myself. The chair came to represent the relationship. I, and my movements, came to represent the couple in their simplistic; normal repetitive lives with the occasional typical lifesurprises.

Edgar Zendejas

After receiving a bursary to study in the US, Edgar Zendejas, interpretive artist and choreographer, began his career in Chicago. Edgar balanced his performances with notable companies with his personal work. “Besame. Besame Mucho!”, which was applauded by Montreal audiences in August 2006. Edgar Zendejas’s choreography was further recognized at the Festival Danse Encore where he was presented with awards for his work in 2001 and 2003. Edgar was selected as a winner of the Hubbard Street “National Choreographic Competition 2010”. Recently, Edgar’s been growing Ezdanza, the company he co-founded that focuses on research, creation and dissemination.

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Medium: Tea

 I’ve always wanted to see what art taste like. My first reaction to the photograph was that it was full of sensuality. I thoughts were of red, sultry, exotic and cultural things. I knew I wanted to use a ribose red base and put sultan raisins and fruit in it. I wound up with a sexy honeybush base with blackberries, sultan raisins, lapacho and rose hips.

Miriam Novalle

T Salon was founded in 1992 beneath the Guggenheim Museum. Since then they have evolved into a completely eco-sustainable company dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality loose-leaf teas on the market. T Salon believes that tea is a living, feeling art and they dedicate to sharing this healing way of life with others around the world. Founded by Miriam Novalle, T Salon sells over 250 loose-leaf teas, products, and tea accessories to consumers, restaurants, spas, and yoga studio.

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Medium: Sculpture

The feeling we all three immediately got from the dance was a feeling that has fascinated us for a long time: ‘boredom’. In the video we saw the dancer struggling with boredom. He moves around restlessly in his chair. His struggle gets fiercer every second. But it’s a very rhythmical, well-orchestrated struggle. Being from the Internet generation, the three of us have a very short attention span. We get bored easily. Being bored is something a lot of people have a negative association with. But for us, these are moments fantasy can run wild. The outcome of this project for us is a celebration of our boredom; we accept and embrace it as a natural part of life. For us the “Bored” flag we created is a symbol of celebration.


Rotganzen is a Dutch art collective consisting of three childhood friends trying to make a fortune. Their work is loud and obnoxious, completely unwilling to take the viewer into account, but unrelentingly craving approval. They see the promise their old toys hold and force it out, creating work that is happy at a first glance, yet is hiding something dire underneath.

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