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Consenses is a nonprofit organization that has brought together hundreds of professional artists worldwide—of every medium and genre—to interpret one another's artwork and express it in their own medium. The structured collaborative process creates an artistic game of Telephone.

a photograph
a painting
a poem
a dance
a song
a sculpture
a design

Each artist extracts the essence of the piece they are provided and uses it as the catalyst for their own creation. Ultimately, this process forms “Interpretative Chains” which offer a collective, holistic statement; an intriguing progression from one piece to the next; a rare glimpse into the artistic process and the complexity of perception; and the offering of art as a conversation.

The Consenses Curriculum—inspired by this global creative initiative—is a unique, multidisciplinary approach to building social-emotional skills through the arts. Participants engage in a structured collaborative process of creating "Interpretive Chains", using a range of media to engage all five senses as they build understanding and appreciation for the value of diverse perspectives.

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I can honestly say that this was one of single most satisfying, exciting, energizing, and community building experiences we have had. I heartily endorse this for the positive and life affirming affect it has on all who see it, create, and endorse it. Nora Hussey, Director of Theatre and Theatre Studies, Wellesley College
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