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June 15, 2018

Rural Intelligence: "10 Questions For Sally Taylor"

Rural Intelligence: "10 Questions For Sally Taylor" Photo: Heidi Legg Sally Taylor is the daughter of James Taylor and Carly Simon, and not surprisingly, a singer-songwriter. But she is also an arts entrepreneur and founder of Consenses...
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June 9, 2018

Townvibe Berkshire: "Sensing Sally"

Townvibe Berkshire:  Sensing Sally Sally Taylor, daughter of James Taylor & Carly Simon, creates art for all the senses BY ANASTASIA STANMEYER PHOTOS BY JOHN STANMEYER For the longest time—even now, still—Sally Taylor pe...
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June 7, 2018

Consenses Journal No. 2

THE CONSENSES JOURNAL A little journal for big issues No. 2, June 2018. Edited by Oleno Netto. Come to Your Senses ...
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May 18, 2018

Sally Taylor and Family Concert at Mass MoCA

Sally Taylor and Family Concert at Mass MoCA An Evening with Sally Taylor & Friends Come to Your Senses On Stage: Performances from musical greats including Carly Simon, Ben Taylor & John Forte. In addition to the opening of the exhi...
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October 22, 2017

Boston Globe: "They are turning the picture around" by Juliet Pennington

by Juliet Pennington GLOBE CORRESPONDENT  OCTOBER 20, 2017 Splashed diagonally across Dean Bragonier’s business card in bright orange lettering is the phrase “dyslexic before it was cool.” It’s a statement that has a powerful meaning f...
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