Consenses Advisory Board

Carol Beggy Public Relations

Award-winning writer and editor who has worked at several eastern Massachusetts publications, including The Boston Globe, where she worked for more than ten years.

Michelle Boyers Education and Business

Michelle served as an advisor to the Massachusetts Department of Education on strengthening human resources and human capital management systems and capacity in the state’s largest urban school districts and helped to launch Teach Plus, a national non-profit whose mission is to improve outcomes for urban children by ensuring that a greater proportion of students have access to effective, experienced teachers. Previously, Michelle served as the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources for the Boston Public Schools where she oversaw the recruitment, hiring, support and HR services for nearly 10,000 school leaders, teachers and other school and central office staff.

Dean Bragonier Business, Design, and Art

Managing Director for Partners For Youth With Disabilities and Sally’s sweet and amazing husband.

Kathleen Connor Theater Art and Fashion

Board of the American Repertoire Theater and General Manager at Loro Piana.

Nina Fialko Ballet

Former dancer and Boston Ballet Trustee.

Sherrie Johnson Production

Senior Curator of the PuSh Festival and internationally renown curator, artistic director and producer of critically acclaimed and award-winning, theatre, dance, film and performing arts festivals.

Simone Levinson Art Curator, Southampton Center

For the past two years, Simone and other members of the mayor-appointed founders committee have been working with Southampton Mayor Mark Epley to create the Southampton Center, a new institution that will help maintain the arts-centric integrity of the village by restoring and repurposing the building and grounds that will be left behind when the Parrish Art Museum moves to Water Mill this fall.

Kristina Lyons Design and Production

Owner of Portobello Road and former associate producer for Frontline PBS.

Christy Nicholas Science and Art

Art appreciator and MIT scientist of cognitive neurology.

Tamara Weiss Fashion Design

Owner of Midnight Farm, a boutique of fashion and design.
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