Community Guidelines

These Community Guidelines are designed to ensure that everyone understands what the Consenses community is all about. Don’t forget that your use of Consenses is also subject to our Terms of Use.


Respect others
Consenses artists and visitors are a diverse group with a lot of different opinions and views. That’s great, but it means that everybody needs to be tolerant and respect people whose ideas are different to their own. Of course, if you feel that someone is expressing views or opinions that are offensive, defamatory, abusive, or otherwise contrary to our Terms of Use, you can let us know by sending an email to

Create, upload, and share
Consenses enables you to express yourself through your sounds, images, videos, words, and comments and lets you share those expressions across the web. So, be creative, be expressive, and let the world know how totally amazing you are. Just remember – only share Content that you’ve generated yourself and have permission to share.

Critique, but do it constructively
Critique can be very valuable, but only when it’s done constructively. So, please share your opinions, but before posting anything, ask yourself, “Would I appreciate receiving the same comment?”


Upload things that aren’t yours to upload
Uploading and sharing means you must always be 100% certain that you are the creator of what you’re uploading, or have permission from all relevant rights holders. Anyone who repeatedly uploads other people content risks having their ability to use the site suspended or terminated. If you need more information about copyright, check out our Copyright Information pages.

Use someone else’s name
Please don’t upload art in the name of another person, or using someone else’s trademark, even if this is meant as a tribute. If you feel that someone is impersonating you on Consenses, or is infringing your trademark, you can tell us about it by sending an email to

Be a heckler
Consenses is a social place but it’s not the place for you to act out rage from other parts of your life. Don’t let a personal issue strain the rest of the community. Inappropriate behavior, including abusive, defamatory, obscene, racist or offensive comments, will put you at risk of having your account suspended or terminated.

There’s a fine line between promoting your art and spamming. The more you can make your messages and actions personal and relevant, the less likely you are to be reported for spam. Faking your own popularity, or using art or comments to promote other products or services can be considered as spam and isn’t welcome on Consenses.

If you break these rules

We take these rules seriously, and expect you to as well. If you break these rules, we will take action. If we receive notification from a rights holder that any sounds, images, videos, or text stemming from you infringe their copyright, or if we believe that your behavior is inappropriate, we will send you a warning. If we have to send you more than two of these warnings within the space of a year, we will deny you access to use In the most extreme cases, we may block your access without warning.

Tell us about it

If you feel that someone is infringing your copyright, you can tell us about it here

If you want to report any other breaches of these Guidelines or our Terms of Use – including offensive or defamatory comments, trademark infringement, impersonation, stalking, harassment, breach of privacy, or spamming – you can report this to us by sending an email to

Remember, we want Consenses to be a community where everyone feels comfortable and respected – it’s up to all of us to make sure this happens.

To Sum It Up

Basically, be nice, respect the law, and think before you post. In most cases, we’ll send you a warning before we take other measures and we’ll always try to act reasonably. We think this is fair but if you don’t agree, maybe Consenses is not the place for you.

These guidelines have been written down to ensure that everyone within the community has the experience they want. We’re not trying to set up rules and regulations for exactly how you should and shouldn’t act but rather to make clear that this should be a place of respect between people and a place for responsible content posting. We hope you agree and understand. If you do, don’t or have any other questions or comments please let us know.

We may change these Community Guidelines from time to time, so please be sure to check back here every so often for any updates.

The Consenses Team