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Your donation will make it possible to exhibit and tour the stunning collaborative work of 130 artists from around the world. It will allow us to get the Consenses curriculum into more schools and It will enable us to initiate future Consenses projects all of which inspire and further our mission to use art as a vehicle for connection, understanding and peace.

CONSENSES is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of CONSENSES must be made payable to Fractured Atlas only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

$100,000 Donors

Ellen Poss
James & Leslie Attwood
Marni Grossman
World 143

$20,000 Donors

B&W Group
Carly Simon
Christy Cashman
CourtSense, LLC
Dan Fireman & Lori Baldwin
Esmeralda Swartz
Newman's Own Foundation

$10,000 Donors

Agnes Gund
James & Kaye Slavet
Jane & Scott Maxwell
Joan Rosenberg
Kenneth Cole & Maria Cuomo Cole
Susan & Jim Swartz

$5,000 Donors

Barnes Movers
Bernard Chiu & Jean Wong
Bob & Kristina Higgins
Brad Gerstner & Michelle Boyers
Cape Air
Dan Fireman
David & Nina Fialkow
Gerry Wolf
Kay Kendall
Laurie David
Massachusetts Cultural Council
UMass Boston
Vineyard Arts Project

$1,000 Donors

Ann-Mara Lanza
Arleen McGlade
Brooke Neidich
Clear Eye Foundation
Dean Bragonier
Debbie Jewell
Dora Lewin
Espresso Love
Frank Mead
Geralyn Dreyfous
Hayes Design Studio
JB Lyon
Judy Belushi Pisano
Kathy Connor
Kathy Skinski
Kay Kendall & Jack Davies
Landis Mayasich
Leslie S.T. Fang Research Foundation
Lisa L Hummelberg
Monika McLennan
Nancy Jarecki
Patti Channer & Mary Karrh
Penny Bragonier
Regina Snowden
Richard Koehler
Ronnie Planalp
Simone & David Levinson

$500 Donors

Brant Binder
Evelyn Dykema
Gogo Ferguson & David Sayre
James Lapine
Jeff & Marla Wolk
Joseph Houlihan
Julie Simon Knight
Laura Whittaker Morningstar
Livingston Taylor
Mark Islam
Marvel Fields
Naukabout Beer Co.
Salvatore Viscomi
William and Vanessa Halby


Abigail Goodman
Alexandra Bergstein
Alice Saltonstall
Amy & Neil Coleman
Andrew Blauner
Andrew O’Shaughnessy
Ann Marie Lynch
Ashley Melone
B&W Group
Ben Bragonier
Benton Bodamer
Berta Baghjajian
Blair Wylie
Catherine Wong
Christina Barba
Collins Family Fund
David & Elly Newbower
David Santulli
Douglas Scott
Edward Holt
Eliza Ryan
Eva Marceai
Fae Kontje-Gibbs
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Filis Casey
Fractured Atlas
Hanne Nielsen-Grey
Holly Kabacoff
Holly Light
Howard & Frederica Stevenson
James Curran
James Hart
Jane Ottenberg
Janet Rapose
Jesse Dutra
Jesse Hayes
Jodi Siegel
Joseph Houlihan
Josh Larson
Karin Cassens
Kate Regan
Katherine Smith
Kerry Epstein
Kristina Lyons
Kristine Beimford
Laura Hayden
Linda Greenberg
Lisa & John Sornberger
Lorrie Starr
Marie Emmanuelle Hartness
Mark Rotondi
Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank
Mary Ann Wakeley
Mary Dibble
Mary McLaughlin
Mary Mochary
Mary Nada
Melissa McGaughey
Polly and Justin Simpkins
Rachel Zabar
Ramsay Turnbull
Randee Napp
Rebecca Walsh
Rick Doty
Rob Gordon
Robert Goldman
Robin Jones
Robin Russ
Romy James
Ron Griswold
Rose Najarian Kedeshian
Rose Styron
Seth Larson
Sheila Nanne
Sophie Ciszewski
Stacy Lim
Steven Larson
Stina Sayre
Susan Buccella
Susan Cabana
Susan V. Barba
The Sedgwick Family
Tricia Bradley
Victoria Oliva
Victoria Pearman
Wendy Goodrich
Whitney Post
William Faure
Women on Fire
Zena Levine
Zina Korn

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