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Exploring the Essence of Emotion
Welcome to Consenses Online Curriculum Exhibition. In this gallery, you will see the work of both children & adults, from around the world, who have participated in the Consenses Curriculum. Our curriculum is like a game of Telephone, but with art…
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In the beginning of the curriculum, each student was given one word to interpret and express as a photograph. In each consecutive class, students used each other’s art as a catalyst to inspire new work in a different medium. For example, the word “Love,” below inspired a photograph, which inspired another person to write a song, which inspired another to choreograph a dance, which inspired another to build a sculpture, which inspired another to write a poem and so on… None of the students knew whose art they were interpreting from class to class. Like in a game of Telephone, each student worked exclusively off the one piece of art behind them. But despite these limitations, there appears to be common threads that run throughout each chain suggesting an invisible connectedness between us. Perhaps we are not so separate or alone as we assume. Sometimes it’s a color that appears in each link of a chain, or that the final painting is the spitting image of the initial photograph!


What do you see? Explore the essence of “Love” below, as it runs through classrooms, workshops & organizations around the world, transforming from one medium to another. Perhaps it will reshape how you think about love, perhaps it will encourage you to take or teach the Consenses Curriculum in your own community. When you’re done with “Love”, tap on other words and explore the similarities and differences between schools, ages, organizations. Click on a specific artwork to read the artist’s reflection. How is each piece of art a different lens to understand the nature of the world?

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