September 28, 2016

Why Should I Support Consenses?


Why should I support Consenses?…

Because Consenses is taking its amazing unifying, empathy building, multidisciplinary process and forming it into a curriculum with a team of Harvard Education Graduate Students.  The curriculum is slotted to be available to schools around the country by the spring of 2017.  If this alone is not incentive enough to inspire your generosity, Consenses is additionally working on two new global exhibits, one with the prestigious Mass MoCA and the other with Massachusetts Cultural Council.  Like Consenses’ pilot which exhibited from 2014-2016, both projects will engage artists from around the world, to use one another’s artworks as a catalyst (in the vein of a game of Telephone) to inspire their own work.

Watch this short video to see where Consenses is going and climb on board.   Join the 260 supporters who’ve helped raise over $327,000 for this magical project.  Make a contribution here.