Consenses 2015 Initiatives


The TED Talk is now available here. Please take a look and PLEASE pass the video on to friends and family to help us reach 20,000 views.

Instead of an official fundraising campaign this year we’re asking people to donate on-line (making our fundraising super easy and cost effective so we can better spend our time and money on the things that matter to you and to all of us). credit cards are accepted and donations are deductible…

Funds will go to the following initiatives:

Consenses Initiatives 2015

1. Building out Consenses’ Multidisciplinary Curriculum and embedding it into art hungry schools around the country. This course will also be made available to our global on-line community.

Goals: To introduce students to all creative mediums. Familiarize them with their innate creativity. Introduce people to the use of art as a language versus art as a statement. 

2. Creating a TED-like licensable model for Consenses so that the Consenses platform might be implemented by the many organizations, institutions and student leaders around the world who’ve already been fervently asking how they can start their own Consenses’.

Goals: To put the power of Consenses into the hands of leaders who wish to explore and  add dimension to the issues that matter to them and their communities through the language of art.  

3. Exhibiting Consenses on Martha’s Vineyard throughout the summer of 2015 and holding weekly performances and workshops by participating Consenses artists & friends.

Goals: To further demonstrate Consenses’ capacity to promote unity, tolerance,understanding, empathy and peace by providing art as a lens and a language through which to see ourselves, each other and the world more expansively and compassionately. 

Our dream is to raise 60K before the summer starts.  Please help by donating here. Giving is easy and comes with some fun treats.

It’s going to be an exciting year. Thank you for being a part of it.

Monthly Challenge: Chain #9

Each month Consenses offers its visitors a monthly challenge. This is an opportunity to let the artwork inspire you and use it as a catalyst for your own creation in the medium of your choosing.

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Nashville, Story Corps & CONSENSES

March 31, 2015

A highlight for  Sally while in Nashville was being interviewed by Leslie Belknap for at the historic Tennessee Performing Arts Center. As a special treat for all of you, here is the “behind the scenes” video she captured along with the official audio link to the interview. Please feel free to share the Story Corps link below at your pleasure.   Link: