December 16, 2015

Bridging Science and Spirituality

Bridging Science and Spirituality.

Historically science has ignored consciousness seeing it as a mental construct, to quote from this video “people think of consciousness as what we have, instead of what we are.”-Rupert Spria. “To look at the brain for the source of consciousness is mistaking the map for the territory.”-Deepak Chopra.  In fact, “The whole of science takes place IN our brains.”-Peter Russell.

Consciousness is our connective tissue.  It is “the radiant heart alive on fire, knowing itself as that”-Richard Miller.

Sometimes, as I wander the corridors of my own creative space, I imagine that consciousness must make up the other 7 spacial dimensions string theory insists are there.

Science is a construct of consciousness, it is it’s baby or perhaps, at this stage in history it might better be considered is it’s rebellious teenager.  I hope science will grow up soon and see it’s parent for what it is: It’s creator.

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