June 26, 2014

Photo Credit:

Sarah Kinn

Location: Boulder, Colorado


Artist’s Work:

Sarah Kinn


Boulder, Colorado



The subjects of Sarah’s paintings are simple, whimsical and most often abstract. She spends as much time on color and the creation of palettes as she does on painting, rarely using colors straight out of the tube. Her palettes are hopeful to a certain degree, “I want the world to be visually beautiful through the complexities of color and yet remain simple and harmonious.” The works of Milton Avery, Paul Klee, and Mark Rothko inspires her. Each of these artists emphasizes color over technique and subject matter. Through color, Sarah defines her state-of-mind and feelings.

Consenses Interview with Sally Taylor:

Your Name: Sarah Kinn
Where you live: Boulder, Colorado
Where you came from: Fostoria, Ohio
Your Medium: Acrylic on canvas
The name of your work: Floating

What made you want to participate in this project?
Loved Sally’s idea, involving many artists and many mediums and she was so nice.

What was your first reaction to the song? (Thoughts, emotions, memories, tastes, smells etc?)
If you had to choose one word to sum up the song what would it be? Loved the guitar. The song made me feel peaceful and OK in the world. One word “evolution”

What was the story behind the song about in your mind?
A person searching and trying to become their best self. A person recognizing their patterns/issues and trying to break free.

Take me through each step of your process to your creation.
For the background, I first just put a bunch of paint on the canvas without thinking. When it dries, I look for the sweet spots, focus on those, and paint over what is not working. Then I keep adding more, trying to make an interesting composition and always trying to come up with a beautiful and unique color palette.

What did you title your work and why?
Floating. I titled it this because the pink circle represents a being evolving and on their life’s journey, hopefully floating and finding their way.

What part of the song informed you’re interpretation the most?
All of the lyrics as whole.

What part of your painting came to you first?
The colors

How do you normally create? How was this experience different?
I do normally listen to music when I paint but don’t let lyrics influence me, so that was different.

Are there certain choices you made which mean something specific to you that the observer might not know?
The gray background represents the mundane things in life that we all have to go through, the tangly knot represents being stuck in old patterns and challenges all humans face, the gray flowers represent hope. The pink circle is a being finding their way, floating up towards their true potential. and the gold dots represent our souls and something greater.

Extra credit: Did you enjoy this project? More you want to say about your experience?
I enjoyed this and am curious and excited to see all of the work that came about.

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