June 19, 2014

Photo Credit:

Sam Heydt

Location: New York, New York


Artist’s Work:

Sam Heydt


New York, New York



SAM HEYDT is a NYC based artist, designer, filmmaker, photographer, and founder of Jane Street Studio (LLC), a boutique photo studio in the Meatpacking district of Manhattan.
Over the last decade Heydt has lived and worked in Paris, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Venice, Vilnius, Athens and Istanbul. She completed her studies across a spectrum of international universities and has attended artist residencies in Iceland, Australia and New Zealand.
Commercially, she has worked with a multitude of publications, most recently landing the cover of February’s issue of Aesthetica Magazine (UK).
Heydt has exhibited works in a constellation of galleries & museums throughout the world, including twice at the following: State Hermitage Museum (Russia), Art Basel and HeadOn Photo Festival in Sydney.
IRONICALLY, by employing the very medium she critiques Heydt’s work speaks to the disenchantment of the social psyche at the hands of the media apparatus and the desolation of the natural world. United by its unconventional exploration of semiology and its role in cementing corporal commodification, consumerism and constructed narratives of the past, her work splinters into several subversive series, focusing on the perversity of production, consumption and decay. Heydt’s visions transcend her images’ site-specific locations — the impact of the photographs are shockingly universal, rendering the global local.
Her most recent project was in Rajasthan, India, where she worked as an associate producer on a documentary re: child prostitution. Shortly afterwards, she took up a position working as a coordinator at the Scuola Grafica Internazionale in Venice, Italy where she will return next Fall after she completes her work in Australia documenting the mining industry.

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