June 26, 2014

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Jim Krivda



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Jim Krivda




Jim Krivda, senior perfumer, vice president, Mane, was born and raised near Philadelphia. He began his fragrance career nearly 27 years ago, studying perfumery under French master perfumer Elie Roger at Firmenich. He previously worked at Fragrance Resources before moving to Mane in 2008. Throughout his career Krivda has worked on a broad spectrum of products from air care to personal care to fine fragrance. He now focuses on fine fragrance at Mane’s New York Creative Studio. Krivda served as president of the American Society of Perfumers in 2001.

Consenses Interview with Sally Taylor:

Your Name: Jim K.
Where you live: Montville NJ, Work in NYC
Where you came from: Bucks County PENN
Your Medium: Perfume

What made you want to participate in this project?
Collaboration. Notoriety of perfume as an art form. Fun. Interesting and creative.

What was your first reaction to the image? (thoughts, emotions, memories, tastes, smells etc?) If you had to choose one word to sum up the image what would it be?
“A woman should be doing this” It felt like a woman’s voice. Made it even more interesting. Had to put my self in a woman’s shoes. Emotion: Romantic, sexy, sensual, morning, glistening, freshness of the morning. Day break. Freshness of the morning. Marvel “Crisp air” and they put that in. Inhale, smoldering and yet clean sexuality. Freshness of just out of the shower. Sensual clean skin but still sensual.

What was the story behind the image about in your mind?
Clean warm Glistening skin Clean Sexuality, Renewal, leaving burden, fresh start. It’s smoldering sensual but clean new and bright. Ivory soap-classic, incense, Shampoo-fresh and bright and flowery (imagery of fragrance) crispness of the porcelain. Clean base with a very sensual underpinning. What happended before the shower. This is a couple who used to shower together. Why don’t they now? How long did they shower together?

What did you title your work and why?
“Clean glistening skin” Fresh morning. Glistening… Why from exercise? Shower” Sun on skin? So many reasons skin could be glistening.. you get to choose your own.. Mystery. Not blatantly sexual. Sophisticated. Subliminal.

What part of the image informed you’re interpretation the most (colors, content, shapes etc)?
Clean warm sexy skin, sexiness, incense-sexy in the background, crispness, ivory-keep it clean up front, porcelain, watery notes. A good perfume tells a story and it needs to have tension that makes the story interesting.

What part of your scent came to you first?
First note, lavender cleanliness middle note, smoldering, sensual skin

How do you normally create? How was this experience different?
Either Working with Imagery and what the buyer wants Or interesting notes to put together (what’s new and unique) I’m always looking when I’m traveling for different things I can crush and smell.
Like this: you get a story and you just have to put it to fragrance. Used to be: Marketer tells you what they want and you create. Now they say, “Bring us a whole bunch of ideas” to get more unique combinations.
In this instance it’s about me. I’m the artist. I don’t have to answer to a client/consumer.
Really fun and interesting. Imagery/putting myself in the pace of the woman.

What techniques/tools did you use to help you express you’re interpretation? (why did you choose the fragrances you chose and what do they mean to you?)
I did a stream of consciousness when I first read the poem.
Clean Skin
Clean sensuality Incense
Then I can add more intellectual stuff after the initial emotional reaction: decorations on the Christmas tree.

Are there certain choices you made which mean something specific to you that the observer might not know?
Ingredients that we like the best. I’ve been perfumer for 20 years. I have notes that I love. Why? It’s who I am and how I express myself.

Extra credit: Did you enjoy this project? More you want to say about your experience?
It was great. Being in totally control. Not having to worry about a customer. It was about me.

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