July 1, 2014

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Gail Arnold

Location: Boston, Massachusetts



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Gail Arnold


Boston, Massachusetts


Food & Spice

Gail Arnold has pursued two career paths, training in her late late teens as a chef in Paris, she made her way back to the US and enjoyed a stellar career working with such luminaries as Wolfgang Puck and Jonathan Waxman. She found her way to East Hampton, New York where she was the executive chef at Nick And Toni’s Restaurant. After a year of traveling and cooking, she worked as a private chef for a large family, concurrently returning to university to earn a masters degree in education. She currently works as a reading specialist in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Gail continues to cook privately for the same family (22 years later) in the summers. When not teaching students to read, she gives cooking classes to children and adults and invites friends over at every opportunity to share a meal.

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