June 18, 2014

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Eric Erdman




Eric Erdman is a storyteller with a life that gives him stories to write songs about. His guitar takes him around the world and he can write four songs from one break up. His lyrics are introspective and deep, often with a hook or punchline that provide the spark in a song or draw listeners in like old friends. His career began as the lead singer of the funk rock band, The Ugli Stick in Mobile, Alabama and they released four albums and performed on three USO tours. In 2012, Erdman recorded his fist solo album, “My Brother’s Keepers” that revealed his voice as a singer-songwriter. He regularly tours through Europe and Australia and has won multiple international songwriting awards. He recorded his second album, “Color the Silence,” in Australia in 2013. Erdman will return to the studio in 2014 to record his third solo album.

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