June 18, 2014

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Eliam Puente


Seattle, WA



Eliam Puente is an aspiring perfumer living in Seattle, WA. With a long history working in graphic design and art, Eliam has always been involved in some form of creative expression. After moving to the state of Washington six years ago, he grew an interest in the art of perfumery and its history. This quickly became his new passion and after many years of self education, he is now hard at work creating a perfume line soon to be launched.


Consenses Interview with Sally Taylor:

Your Name: Eliam Puente
Where you live: Seattle, WA
Your Medium: Fragrance
The name of your work: Chasity

What made you want to participate in this project?

I was approached by perfumer Christi Meshell and the project seemed like a great
opportunity to be very creative.

What was your first reaction to the image? (emotions, images, thoughts,
memories, tastes, sounds etc?)

Tranquility and peace.

What was the image about in your mind?

An escape from the everyday world to a quiet place where one can think and be at peace with oneself.

What did you title your work and why?

Chasity. It’s a feminine name that means pure.

What part of the image informed you’re interpretation the most (colors,
textures, subject, subject mater)?

Color and texture

What part of your frangrance came to you first?

The grassy, green aspects of it.

What was your process? How did you take your original reaction and
turn it into this scent?

The color and landscape of the painting was so powerful that I hadn’t a doubt in my mind that I wanted to create a perfume based on the classic Fougere accord but I also wanted to make it greener, deeper, and full of character.

How do you normally create? How was this experience different?

I normally find inspiration through many things but color, sound, and emotions are always the most powerful forms of inspiration. This project allowed me to just focus on two of those three, color and emotion.

What techniques/tools did you use to help you express you’re interpretation?

I used raw aromatics that I’ve never used before but once I smelled them, I knew they were perfect for the project.

Are there certain choices you made which mean something specific
to you that the observer might not know?

I love classic perfumery and I believe Chasity expresses my appreciation and obsession with the classics quite well.

Extra credit: Did you enjoy this project? More you want to say about your experience?

I enjoyed the project very much. I would simply like to thank
Christi Meshell and yourself for allowing me the opportunity to participate.

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