June 18, 2014

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David Saw

Location: West Tisbury, Massachusetts



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David Saw


West Tisbury, Massachusetts



In 1974, David Saw was born in Aylsberg, outside of London. Walking to school, David passed a guitar store, where he would spend his days hanging out and teaching himself guitar. David was enthralled listening to his uncle’s record collection, filled with artists like Hendricks, Page, and Johnson. At 18, David joined a cover band and toured England playing mostly Motown, cutting his teeth on Steve Cropper’s guitar style. After decades playing in bars, halls, poolrooms, theaters and tour busses of the 80s and 90s, he released his successful first solo album, A Different Story, in 2003. Many successful collaborations have been the result of David’s relationship with Ben Taylor. Their co-written song “I’ll Just Remember You,” is on Simon’s Into White.

Consenses Interview with Sally Taylor:

First of all, what made you want to participate in this project?
Well, when you sent me the email and you told me exactly what the project
was going to be I kind of thought it was a neat idea to actually have people be
inspired by different forms of media and it seemed like a unique idea so that’s why I wanted to do it.

Cool. So, I know that this image, that basically when I sent you this image, what was your immediate reaction?
Um, my immediate reaction was, when I saw the image was, I was like oh I have already written a song that would go perfectly with this image and that is All At
Sea and I think it really does go with the emotion of the picture. So, yea, it was kind
of a no brainer basically.

What is the emotion of the image, to you?
I mean, yeah, the emotion of the image is, you know, it says to me like someone who is lost, its deep, the ocean is as deep as you possibly it can get. There’s one boy out in the ocean. Its loneliness, like abandonment, and you know its kind of grey loneliness, really.

Grey loneliness.

And, as far as um.. You were saying.. I remember when I sent you the picture originally you were saying, can I have another image because I’ve already written this song for this. And like I cant, there’s not another song, whenever I look at this image the song All At Sea just keeps on popping up. So, um, what is All At Sea about, can you tell me the story behind that and just go through the lyrics a little bit?
Yeah, All At Sea basically came from a guitar figure I came up with and at the
time I was going through a relationship break up and I was feeling a little bit lost
and also in my music career I was feeling a little bit lost as well I didn’t know really
what to do, what next direction to take. And I went to a friend of mine’s house, a
woman called Judy Zuke who’s an incredible songwriter. And we spent a good hour talking about, you know, it was almost like therapy. And we ended up writing All At Sea together.

So what I was saying was, you know I thought that this picture was perfect for you. I really wanted to see it through your perception. And so, um, when I gave it to you, you were just saying that your process was that you sat down with it and what kept on coming out was All At Sea. That was the song that was just being drawn out of you. Every time you tried to create something else but All at Sea was what was coming out.
I was afraid of like trying to write a song like All At Sea for it, and it not being as good. So, you know, it’s just, I didn’t really try but that, that’s married to that

Yeah, yeah I mean and, so generally speaking when somebody comes back and says look I’ve already written a song like this for this image then I’ve usually said well look let me send you another image. But with you, I was like no that actually is that song, you’re completely right and that’s gunna be fine. And so yeah, the process you were saying was that.. I guess what I’m trying to get at is, why do you think that was? Why do you think that that was what was coming out and why, um?
When I wrote All At Sea?

Yeah, well just, you know, what it’s about. What is it about?
For me, when I wrote All At Sea, I was at a time in my life where I was kind of a bit lost. I was in a relationship I wasn’t sure about. Most of my friends had moved
on out of my town. All my friends were in America. And I felt a little on my own and
a little bit lost. And I kind of wrote it to actually know that other people feel the way
I do sometimes. That’s basically the thing about that song. Um, because I think that we all feel like that from time to time. So that’s just getting that feeling out. And, you know, its just ahh. And even sometimes when people are around you, you still feel lost. So its just one of those things, you know, call me in I’m all at Sea Its just one of those feelings in life that you go through.

I completely have been through that. And I think its definitely something that resonates with.. I can’t think of anybody who doesn’t feel that way. That sort of isolation. Um, so I don’t even know what else to ask you other than, um,
When is this going on at the Ag Hall?

Well, Im hoping 2014 although things are so fluid and fluctuating and I know yesterday I got a proposal from somebody from national geographic who wants to basically take the project to museums all over the world and do that. So
That would be amazing.

So, its hard to figure out exactly what the..You know I feel as though Im one of the artists with this project. Basically trying to figure out where is this things home and whats this.. What does this mean and how is this suppose to be…How am I suppose to present this to the world?
Yeah. So its got to be kind of like an (word?) I mean, theres two ways you can
kind of do it. Its almost like you could be like an instillation in a museum that gets
put up and then take it around. Like what Go Go (word?) did with jewelry and uh
(word) in Atlanta. Or it could be like a festival thing or you know I don’t know an
exhibit um but whatever its gunna be it’s a very very unique idea.

Thank you, you know
I was talking to this guy about it actually and this guy at the Scottish Bakehouse
when I was there. I can’t remember his name, but he was raving on about the idea
as well. I can’t wait to see it.

I know, it’s getting really exciting because there’s certain themes that are
coming out. You know that it’s about Martha’s Vineyard right? I told you about that. But most of the artists don’t know that and uh there’s this really clear.. Because the artists don’t know each other and they don’t know what each other’s processes are they’ve been telling me, you know, that there’s…that a lot of what’s coming through in the interpretations…like when I interview people they generally say things like: waiting, longing, hopefulness, leaving, or coming, coming and going. You know there’s these themes that are coming through.
There’s a very..When you’re doing whole rows of different, um, outlets for art,
it’s the biggest human connection people have with each other. Music is a big
connection; art is a major connection, smell, and taste. These are all things that
everyone is influenced by. So it’s the whole bundle, it’s like a hormonal.

It is, it is. Its like marinating in the senses is what its like. And, you know, each of these people come to it with a different interpretation. You know these people are all over the world. They don’t know much about Martha’s Vineyard. They certainly don’t know it’s about…But you know there’s something that comes through. Just by each of us. And there’s this spiritual language that happens, where people are engaging without words, just with the heart. And, there’s a message that’s coming through all of the chains. Which is remarkable, because basically were just speaking through heart. There’s nothing else that’s getting in the way. There’s no ego that’s driving this thing, you know?
I think the best thing is that when someone gets chucked a piece of music and
they have to do a drawing, like you said there’s not a break, which I love. Even just
looking at that picture and knowing that it was All At Sea. Even if you had given me
a picture and I had written a song for it, I wouldn’t thought oh it’s got to be this way or it’s got to be that way. It could be anything, as long as it emotionally connects to that image.

For you. I mean, somebody else would look at that picture and write something completely different. But perhaps the same sentiment would come through, somehow. Even though it’s a completely different interpretation.
I love the animation that dude did for that song.

You’ve got to get in touch with him, he really wants to be in touch with you.
Send me his email, I’d love to be in touch with him.

I’m actually gunna do it right here cause he uh
Is he in Paris?

No, I think he’s in Madrid?
Oh, right

And um, o man, I think you guys gotta know each other. He was saying that he could just fill it out and make it into a video for you. Cant use the video until after ConSenses is released but, um you guys should definitely talk so let me just uh let me get his info right now for you. His name is Carlos Lascano.
Great name.

I know, isn’t that awesome? And he kind of looks like you too. He looks like the Spanish version of you.
Ha Ha When’s the last time you talked to your mom?

Yesterday, Mother’s Day.
Oh yeah, Mothers Day. I sent her an email and she wrote..I miss her terribly.

Awe, she misses you too. She’s, you know, she’s the best.
She is the best. She crack’s me up.

She is completely a crack up and the best. I love my mom so much you know I do.
Yeah, I know you do. When she’s on form, it just kills me.

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