June 18, 2014

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Alexandre Lane began his training at the National Circus School of Montréal. Since discovering the Cyr wheel, Lane hasn’t stopped pushing the limits of its potential. The expertise and innovative style he developed allowed him to work with Cirque du Soleil, researching and developing new circus apparatuses. Lane’s achievements include a record breaking gold and bronze medal win at the International Circus Festival of Budapest in 2012, as well as the Palazzo Special Prize for “The most artistic in performance and style.”

Consenses Interview with Sally Taylor:

Your Name: Alexandre Lane
Where you live: Montreal Canada
Where you came from: Montreal (filmed in Pulse 5)
Your Medium: Cyr Wheel
The name of your work: “Untitled”

What made you want to participate in this project?
As soon as you told me about it I thought what an amazing project and concept. It reminded me a lot of what we are.

Without going back to the art I sent you what do you remember about it?
The music to me reminded me of a father telling his son about the truths of
his life… about a love that he’d had and lost… and warning his son not to
let the same thing happen to him… not to run away from love. The song
felt sad and nostalgic. The tone of the singer’s voice and the vibration of
the music felt so comfortable to me. It was completely reassuring. My
movements came from that feeling of comfort.

What was your first reaction to the art? (thoughts, emotions, memories, tastes, smells etc?)
I felt nostalgia and sadness for a love that is far away and waiting for them to come back.

If you had to choose one word to sum up the art I sent what would it be?

What emotion did it elicit?
Traveling, trusting.

What was the art about in your mind? (Did it tell a story? Paint a picture? Etc.)
I imagined a sailor on the opened sea. That vulnerability. That vastness. The motions of a whale. But within that vast opened exposure I felt the complete calmness, the trust and the reassurance from the vibration and the resonance of the singers voice.

Take me through each step of your process from getting the art to the creation of your work.
I looped the music and just went with it. People started gathering around me. They stood on the balconies and on the outskirts in that giant space but I didn’t even notice them because I was completely filled with the music. Tons of people were stopping and watching. I just let the music become my movement. It was only when the music stopped and the people began clapping and hollering that I became aware of their

What part of your work came to you first?
The idea of Traveling and far away. It reminded me of a sailor. The music had this motion of waves and the concept of taking a long time and feeling the sensuality and the movement of a whale.

How do you normally create? How was this experience different?
I normally create using music as the base of the creation. I feel the emotion of the music and then I transform it into movement. “I will work with a certain limits spatially. I was really comfortable doing the art and really hard time interviewing about it.

Are there certain choices you made which mean something specific to you that the observer might not know?
Person who filmed it is the co producer of all of my art and I asked him to really travel in the space with me. To show the contrast between the vastness of the space and the intimacy of the song. The vulnerability of the openness and the ease and comfortability of my movements. I didn’t want to be confined. I really wanted to be able to travel like the sailor and show the distance and yet the intimacy of a fathers voice. I
was really intimate and inside the music and in my interpretation within my self.
The emotion I had, the traveling the distance and the comfort of a father you feel safe.
I was feeling safe but also over exposed from everywhere in the space (office and restaurant people) and lots of floors.
The music the voice and vibration made me comfortable to move in this space despite being so vulnerable.

Extra credit: Did you enjoy this project? More you want to say about your
I loved it. How cool is this concept and project.

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