This summer, tour Martha’s Vineyard through the eyes of 150 global artists.


Consenses debuted summer 2014 on Martha’s Vineyard. As part of the 3-day event: “The Festival of the Senses.”  This summer it returns to the Vineyard as an alternative way of exploring the island: A tour of Martha’s Vineyard through the eyes of 150 artists from around the world.



Consenses opens its interactive exhibition again this summer on Martha’s Vineyard offering a unique way to explore the island through the eyes of 150 global artists. “The island community can seem a bit insular to visitors who come during the summer,” says Consenses Founder and islander Sally Taylor. At times, there is a palpable line dividing ‘locals’ from ‘tourists’ with elitist behavior issuing from both camps. Locals see themselves as superior to tourists because of their intimate knowledge of the island coupled with their ability to endure its cold, isolated off seasons. Visitors feel entitled to their expensive, hard earned island vacations and can act superior to the locals. The combination of these two perceptions could be likened to oil and water.
Consenses is a community that exposes, welcomes, and celebrates EVERYONE’S Martha’s Vineyard by asking people to help define the essence of the island while considering the validity of others perceptions. The part artists and visitors play, far from being “right” or “wrong,” is an invaluable contribution to unlocking the larger essence of the island and the broader nature of reality.
The exhibit, opening daily 11 am – 8 pm starting July 1, 2015 through June 1, 2016 at 44 Main Street, Vineyard Haven in “The Cloud” above Midnight Farm Boutique, depicts a community that sees each person’s point of view as adding to the understanding of the greater whole.
In 2012, twenty professional photographs of Martha’s Vineyard were selected to represent the island in all its beauty & diversity. Next, 150 artists from around the world were asked to interpret these photos in the vein of a game of “Telephone” and express their reactions in their own medium.
Entering the exhibition, visitors’ senses are saturated as they are exposed to any one of the many Consenses interpretive chains. The visitor is moved from one state of mind to the next as they consider the many different angles of experiencing the same thing. They see the photograph that inspired that chain, slip on a pair of headphones to hear how the musician interpreted it, watch the dance that was inspired by the music on a large screen TV over head, sip the tea the dance was translated into, read the poem the poet wrote while sipping that same tea, and touch the sculpture the poem inspired.
After the visitor’s sensorium massage, they are encouraged to interpret the chain for themselves, expressing their perceptions via instruments, paints and writing utensils on offer throughout the exhibit. They can post their art to ‘Inspiration Boards” in the exhibit (thus continuing the artistic conversation) before moving onto the next chain’s offerings.
In conjunction with our exhibition, Consenses hosts interactive multi-sensory events and holds collaborative bi-monthly concerts (details to be announced later this month) which feature and showcase Consenses’ dancers, poets and musicians, some of which are very well known (Reggie Watts, Jennifer Nettles, Jimmy Buffett, and Sally’s Parent’s James Taylor and Carly Simon) and others as yet undiscovered. All Consenses’ artists are treated equally. None of them receive greater visibility than the others and to further democratize the project, the artists are listed alphabetically.
The exhibition allows visitors to experience Martha’s Vineyard through the senses using each piece of art as a lens through which to perceive the next in the chain.
Sally Taylor is currently in talks with festivals and venues around the world for future stops on the Consenses tour and she is piloting the Consenses Curriculum in 3 lucky schools come the early fall. Details will be announced as they are finalized.


Images of the exhibition...



About Sally

Sally Taylor is an artist and musician. In 1998, reluctant to sign to a major record label, she formed her own, ambitiously producing and recording three albums (Tomboy Bride, Apt #6S & Shotgun). She and a 5-piece band toured 180 days of the year. She thrived on the production elements of running a label and the creative elements of writing, recording, and performing. When she retired from the road at age 30 she moved to Boston and began teaching music. She is currently taking time off from The Berklee College of Music to work exclusively on Consenses. In this effort she is dedicated to enlarging the scope of artistic collaboration, the recognition of art as a journey, and the exploration of human perception.

Images of Sally...

How many chains?

There are 22 Chains.  Eight were interpreted by Boston based set designers who created individual exhibits to showcase the pieces. A ninth Chain, featuring the music of Ben Taylor and photograph by Janet Woodcock will be created by the Wellesley College Theatre Department and will debut on November 17th, 2014. There are13 additional Chains that are viewable on tablets as video compilations throughout the exhibition.

Images of the chains...

How many artists?

There are more than 150 artists. They come from 23 countries, and they represent a variety of disciplines.

Participating Artists (In alphabetical order)


Aaron Selissen

Alison Shaw

Alexandre Lane

Allen Whiting

Annmaria Mazzini

Anthony Phelps

Art Bridgman

Ballet Boyz

Ben Taylor

Ben Thomas

Bjorn Okholm Skaarup

Brent Leonesio

Brigitte Mars

Brynna Bloomfield

Caja van der Poel

Carlos Lascano

Carly Simon

Chris Sack

Christi Meshell

Christina Todesco

Christina Zwart

Claire Rosen

Claudia Taylor

Connor Foley Shambrook

David Falsberg

David Lang

David Saw

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

Dennis Svoronos

Doug Kent

Edgar Zendejas

Eliam Puente

Eliza Ryan

Elizabeth Parkinson

Elizabeth Cecil

Eric Erdman

Eric Levenson

Eric Sealine

Fae Kontje-Gibbs

Felix Buccellato

Fernando Hernando Magadan

Gail Arnold

Geraldine O’Keefe

Gilly Barnes

Gogo Sayre


Gregory Page

Griffin Loop

Kyla Barkin

Hannah Sayre-Thomas

Hannah Verlin

Heather Cherry

Henk Gringhuis

Holly Bellebuono

Isaac Taylor

Jacob Jonas

James Taylor

Janet Woodcock

Janie Howland


Jennifer Nettles

Jill Wilson

Jim Hart

Jim Krivda

Jimmy Buffett

John Common

John Forte

John Huba

John King

Jon Koehler

Josh Larson

Kara Taylor

Kate Raudenbush

Kelly Grace

Kevin Morningstar

Kim Bernard

Kori Withers

Kristen Vestgard

Laura luchetti

Laurent Le Guernec

Lee Borthwick

Libby Kirkpatrick

Lily Morris

Linda Villano

Lionel Popkin

Lior Lev Sercarz

Lisa Golightly

Liz Witham

Liz Doon

Liz Shepherd

Mac Young

Mags Harries

Mark Cooper

Mark Erelli

Mark Simos

Mary Ann Wakeley

Max Gerber

Megan Kinneen

Meredith Smith

Michael Driebeek van der Ven

Michael Yusko

Michael Zide

Miriam Novalle

Miriam Songster

Myrna Packer

Nicholas Fuhrer

Nikki Sherritt Lewis

Olivia Pierce

Pasqualina Azzarello

Patrick Corbin

Peter Hewitt

Peter Simon

Rachel Zabar

Ralf Schwieger

Reggie Watts

Ron Griswold


Ruth Shively

Sam Heydt

Samadhi Dance Co.

Sarah Hutt

Sarah Kay

Sarah Kinn

Scarlet Keys

Sebastian Wahl

Seth Larson

Simon Hook

Stacy Lim Butiki tea

Susan Barba

Susan Minot

Susanna Bauer

Tara Rynders

Tea Forte

Thomas Sayre

Trish Sie

Vraja Sundari

Wendy Woo

Wes Craven

William Heydt

Yosh Han



Consenses Concerts…


Media Links:

  • Sally Taylor’s TED Talk “The Beautiful Dilemma of our Separateness.” 


Consenses is a global art form and project that unfolds like a game of Telephone across the world.


A musician interprets a photograph, a dancer interprets their song, a painter interprets the dance, a perfumer interprets the painting, a poet interprets the perfume and so on until all five senses are represented.


Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 11.24.49 AM

Each artist extracts the essence of the artwork they are provided and uses it as the catalyst for their own creation. Finally set designers are given the cumulative artwork and asked to create a physical space for the art to live in.  Repeating this process 22 times, 150 artists from around the world ended up participating from 22 countries.  The resulting exhibition is now showing through the end of 2015.  Visitors participate by lending their own artistic interpretations of the work on display.  Consenses for its artists as well as for its visitors, builds unity, understanding, compassion and tolerance for others perspectives. For more information please refer to the TED Talk here.