June 18, 2014

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Tara Rynders



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Tara Rynders




Tara Rynder is an interdisciplinary video and dance artist who layers performance with visual art, remixed sound scores, spoken text, video, projection, site- specific performance and film. She creates as a choreographer, collaborator, and cinematographer, performances or environments that allow and encourage the viewer to become an active participant. It is her belief that viewing art is an active experience and in creating this experience her performances hinge on the belief that without the viewer the performance could not take place. Tara explores themes of intimacy, grief, and loss and turn them around to find perseverance, struggle, hope, and joy.

Consenses Interview with Sally Taylor:

What made you to want to participate in this project?
Consenses is a project that aligns truly in the same realm of what i love about art. being inspired and inspiring others to create and find their voice through multiple mediums. I believe we are ALL artists and by offering space for one to create, in relation to something one has already created allows for constant creation and inspiration. It also validates each artists piece of work by creating something that they inspired you to create which in return inspires the original artist to create more and more.

What was your mood the day you got this music? What was your initial reaction to the song?
Dark i felt dark and wanted to play this music in a small closet and listen to it play underwater.

Who was hearing this music? (Ex. you now? you as a child? you grandfather? The earth? The sky?  A place? A time? Etc)
I felt like my insides were hearing the music it definitely struck me inside and i felt my body respond from the inside out. I also felt like I was listening to it underwater.

What is the song about in your hearing and who is singing it in your minds eye?
It felt like the water was singing it to me. It was about this idea of water creating a trap for you but also giving you freedom depending on how you wanted to look at it.

What thought/image came to you first?
Water, canoe, morning, tight spaces, memory, past, present

What made you choose sepia?
It seems very dream like and nostalgic and so the sepia brings me back to memories and places that may not exactly be existing in this exact moment.

What did the props/actions you used represent and why did you choose them? (the ocean, the shower, the slip, the window)
Ocean- not being heard or seen but feeling as if one is drowning but also a place if one chooses to float and escape the sounds from above, the shower being another representation of that but only the desire to wash oneself of something, the slip for the femininity, sensuality, motherhood and frailty of it all. I love the look of the dress when it is wet and it signifies to me something of someone who has lost a sense of normalcy as she gets in the shower with her clothes on. Preoccupied with something greater than the present moment. The window represents time a look into a room that goes for ever. Also it is usually a window that we look through to see the water when we are underwater but in this case the window was where the water was being held offering a different perspective. I chose all these props because it aligned in my mind with the story that was being told. At times I am not even sure of the story being told until after the fact. My body feels the story and so the images come but then i learn what it is I am feeling through my movement and props.

How do you normally work?  How was this experience different from your normal process?
I normally work with no set objective, I have a camera, props, a specific location and it is through these elements that I create. I don’t usually have any idea of what i want from the experience until I am finished and it is created for me. I enjoy listening to the space and location to lead me, I am truly a collaborator and love collaborating with the location of where I am dancing. It was nice to have music to start off with as my inspiration. I don’t usually go off of a piece of music, music usually comes later in the process.

How did the song manifest itself into this dance/video?
I am not sure. . .It definately pointed me in a certain direction that allowed it space to breath and expose its inner workings. This then became the dance. ­­­­­­­­

What was your intention? (What did you mean to create and why?)
I only intended to create something that revealed the emotions I was feeling listening to the music. A sense of melancholy and being trapped and a sense of loss.

What does your piece mean when you see it now that it’s done?  (What does it tell you about yourself/life/art/you as an interpreter? (Aka. is this a metaphor for your own life at all?)
Everything I create is a metaphor of some part of me and my life. I believe now watching this after it was created I can see myself seeking something beyond my control, experiencing loss, the loss of time, motherhood, space, understanding, control.  Seeing myself in a new way seeing a reflection of someone i was or will become.

Did you enjoy this project? What would you have done differently.
Yes I so enjoyed this project. It was inspirational to me and I have not made a video in awhile and it was nice to be back in the saddle of creating films again. Thank you Sally it was such an honor and a pleasure and I am looking forward to seeing how it all comes together. Please keep me in mind for the opening I would love to perform live with the music or some rendition of that. Maybe together with the video in some fashion.

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