September 26, 2016

Cynthia Scholl



Child of the 70’s. Filled my ears while i had plenty of time listening to the artists of that time. Grew to love the flute , studied 5 years at Berklee Boston, (enjoyed Livingstons class !) then relocated to Crete. Sharing music with youth and elders. learning everyday from my experiences with mother nature, the gift of a melody and an eclectic encounter of different folk. I left the forest in West Yarmouth MA to have my own circle game and have no regrets. Never knew what would become of my flute and I on this magical musical journey called life. All the melodies that filled my ears as a child are flowing out of my flute. Something new yet something old, the circle has taken me back to the joys of pure folk songs, their words and melodies.Keep art alive, Keep its history alive and enjoy the sounds and sights….that is my motto. Through sharing the circle continues with love.

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